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About us

MADETA a. s. is an exclusively Czech company formed by five stand-alone factories that all can be found in the beatiful landscape of the South Bohemian region.
The fundamental principle of Madeta is to produce dairy products as truly and according to the original recipes of more than one hundred years ago. We are among the few producers on the market who do not use any preservatives or emulsifiers and if we use colours or flavourings, we only use natural ones. The quality and real taste of our products are based on the premium-quality milk that comes from Czech cows, processing more than 0.4 billion litres of milk every year. After processing, the milk goes back to you in the form of more than 240 types of products of various flavourings, packaging and sizes.
The dairy product produced by Madeta attract customers abroad as well – we export to more than 15 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. All of our factories can pride themselves on their International Food Standard certificate and we have also been given the CZ brand allowing us to trade our products in all the countries of the EU, of course.