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Company structure

Madeta a.s. consists of 5 production plants, each of them specialising in a different assortment of dairy products:


Madeta Řípec

The dairy in Řípec was built in 1938 as a branch of the Mlékařské družstvo Dairy Cooperative in Tábor. Since 1952, the dairy in Řípec has specialised in the production of processed cheese – the currently produced brands include Jihočeské Lipno, Madetka, Labužník, Primator, Lipánek processed cheeses for children, žervé Lipánek and processed spreads. It also produces natural Kamadet and Blaťácké zlato cheeses, smoked cheese and cheesecake specialties.


Madeta Planá nad Lužnicí

The dairy in Planá nad Lužnicí started operating in 1968. An extensive modernisation of the dairy was completed in 1995 and Madeta Planá became the biggest producer of hard natural and semi-firm cheeses in the Czech Republic. Madeta Planá nad Lužnicí also introduced a new Dutch-type cheese on the market - Madeland -  which quickly became popular among consumers. Apart from Madeland, the other brands of natural cheeses include Primator, Jihočeský Eidam, Moravský bochník, gouda, Jadel, Akawi, Mozzarella, Balkan cheese and fresh Cottage Cheese.. The dairy also produces the unique butter Jihočeské máslo and spread Jihočeské tradiční pomazánkové. The dairy has a milk-drying facility and it also processes Quark for grating purposes.


Madeta Jindřichův Hradec

The modern history of the dairy in Jindřichův Hradec began in 1973 as a milk-drying plant with a capacity of 180 000 litres of milk per day. The dairy started operating later, in 1977. Madeta Jindřichův Hradec specialises mainly in the production of Lipánek and Lahůdka milk-based desserts. It also produces quark, yoghurts, sour cream, fermented milk products and quark and yoghurt dessert. Another specialty of this dairy is the Romadur soft ripened cheese.


Madeta Pelhřimov

The private dairy of Josef Pejcl in Pelhřimov was built in 1942. An extensive reconstruction of the dairy was completed in the 1980s. At present, Madeta Pelhřimov has one of the most advanced technologies for producing extended shelf-life milk. The dairy produces products with extended shelf-life, including milk, cream and Lipánek flavoured milk. In 2010 Madeta moved its production of delicious South Bohemian milk, cream and buttermilk from České Budějovice to Pelhřimov.


Madeta Český Krumlov

The history of the plant dates back to the second half of the 1940s, when a dairy cooperative (Mlékařské družstvo) was founded in Český Krumlov. Madeta Český Krumlov, with its annual capacity of 2000 tons, is the biggest producer of Niva blue cheese in the Czech Republic. Apart from Jihočeská Niva, it also produces a variant with a higher fat content - Zlatá Niva. In addition, it produces the premium blue cheeses - Niva Premium, Caesar Bleu.